July 8


In today's episode, we uncover the misconception of trying to arrive at our life's purpose as if it was a destination. Instead, we need to think about finding and living our higher calling as a journey. Within the episode, I offer four elements that can help you on your journey to feel supported.

  • You are not alone (4:45)
  • Discovering and living your purpose happens simultaneously (5:52)
  • Most of us live life on autopilot (7:18)
  • Four key elements to support you on your path (8:14)
    • "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller
  • Element 1: Finding supportive resources (9:43)
  • We must implement knowledge to move from knowledge to knowing (13:45)
  • Element 2: Surrounding yourself with supportive people (14:48)
  • Element 3: Be aware of the habits you create (18:16)
  • Element 4: Find an accountability partner (19:45)
  • Wrapping up the episode (23:00)
  • The key to enjoying the journey (23:52)
  • Continue the conversation in our private Facebook community (24:58)

When discussing Element 1 of finding supportive resources, I mention a list within our Facebook community. Here is the list of podcasts I listen to, with a special shout-out to James Wedmore's Mind Your Business podcast.

  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown
  • The Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher
  • The Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields
  • Mind Your Business with James Wedmore
  • Compassion Before Judgement by Jagdeep Hayre
  • She Means Business by Carrie Green
  • The Lavendaire Lifestyle with Aileen Xu

During Element 1, I also mention several authors. You can find all the below authors on Hay House Publishing.

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Louis Hay
  • Rebecca Campbell

And if you want to continue the conversation, please join our private Facebook community. Filled with like-minded individuals, all on their path to uncovering their higher calling and living a life of joy-filled purpose.

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