July 22


In today's episode, we discuss the idea of choosing your hard when it comes to uncovering your life's purpose. Within the episode, I uncover what it means to choose your hard, how feeling stuck can keep you stuck, how to incorporate discipline, and three tips to help you choose your hard.

  • Choosing your hard (1:06)
  • We all choose our hard things in life (3:10)
  • Choosing to feel stuck in overwhelm and frustration (4:30)
  • Identifying the long-term consequences of hard things (5:40)
  • Choosing a different hard (7:25)
  • Recognizing potential outcomes and future potential (9:00)
  • What we focus on expands (10:50)
  • We always have a choice (12:38)
  • Deep inner work is "hard" (13:56)
  • Two opposing things cannot co-exist (14:40)
  • Using discipline when choosing our hard (15:20)
  • The definition of strategy (16:00)
  • Creating goals with feminine energy (17:00)
  • Using focus in discipline (18:25)
  • Focusing your attention (19:30)
  • 3 tips to help you choose your hard (20:36)
  • Tip #1 - see it as a challenge (20:48)
  • Tip #2 - know your why (22:00)
  • Tip #3 - surround yourself with community (23:17)

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