July 29


In today's episode, we discuss seven spiritual practices you can use to help you go within. Going within is a vital element in uncovering your higher calling. These seven ideas can all work together to create an external and internal environment for self-discovery and inner transformation.

Download your free checklist, packed with useful resources and information about the practices presented in today's episode: The 7 Spiritual Practices to Help You Go Within.

  • The seven spiritual practices that include both traditional and alternative ideas (1:06)
  • Spiritual Practice #1 - keeping a gratitude list (2:32)
  • Spiritual Practice #2 - journalling (5:34)
  • Spiritual Practice #3 - grounding and earthing (7:08)
  • Spiritual Practice #4 - meditation (10:18)
  • Spiritual Practice #5 - aromatherapy (12:28)
  • Spiritual Practice #6 - oracle cards (17:03)
  • Spiritual Practice #7 - crystals and gemstones (21:30)

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