August 5


In today's episode, we explore the power of positive affirmations. From the history of affirmations and when to use them, to how to incorporate them into your daily practices and creating the perfect affirmation for you, we uncover all the details about creating and using them in your life.

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  • The definition of an affirmation (2:20)
  • A brief history in the use of affirmations(3:56)
  • When to use positive affirmations for maximum effect (6:22)
  • 6 daily practices when you can incorporate positive affirmations (7:50)
  • Practice 1: Journalling (8:06)
  • Practice 2: Meditation (8:35)
  • Practice 3: Verbal affirmations (9:07)
  • Practice 4: Listening to affirmations (9:33)
  • Practice 5: Visual affirmations (10:16)
  • Practice 6: Mirror work (11:28)
  • Why you want to use positive affirmations in your daily habits (12:10)
  • Reason 1: Change your attitude (12:20)
  • Reason 2: Axe those limiting beliefs (12:55)
  • Reason 3: An attitude of gratitude (13:38)
  • Reason 4: Increase your manifesting magic (14:13)
  • The anatomy of a positive affirmation (15:00)
  • Clarity on what you want to affirm and manifest (15:24)
  • Try to create an affirmation in the present tense (15:56)
  • Positive wording is essential (16:36)
  • Be concise and specific (18:06)
  • Provide action words (18:47)
  • Create feelings and emotions (19:08)
  • Examples of positive affirmations (19:50)

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