August 12


In today's episode, we explore seven powerful tips for creating new habits that actually stick. Because our habits are often subconscious patterns of behaviour, learning how to break old habits and create new ones can support us on our journey to living our life's purpose.

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  • The definition of a habit (2:50)
  • Tip 1 - Know your why and do it for yourself (3:38)
  • Tip 2 - Start small and simple (5:00)
  • Tip 3 - Commit to 30 days and treat it as an experiment (6:13)
  • Tip 4 - Replace your lost needs (7:56)
  • Tip 5 - Remove temptations (9:30)
  • Tip 6 - Use the power of visualization (11:01)
  • Tip 7 - Do it daily and consistently (12:40)
  • Review of the 7 tips (13:35)

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