Do you…

→ Feel like you are going through the motions of life?

→ Feel like you are spinning your wheels?

→ Ever wonder what your higher calling is?

→ Wonder what it’s all for, what the point of life is?

→ Ever feel scared to leave this life with your song still inside?

→ Often consider what your unique gifts are?

→ Sometimes think it’s too late in life to make a change?

→ Feel anxious or overwhelmed with trying to figure out your purpose in life?

Often feel confused about where to start your discovery?

Crave accountability and community while you uncover your life purpose?

Want a clear, easy to understand process to help you on your path?

Here is what you will experience inside the Living Your Purpose Guided Group Program

so that you can move from frustration and overwhelm into a life of excitement, joy, and curiosity.

6 weeks of guided group coaching, that includes:

→ Weekly pre-recorded training

→ Weekly 1-1/2 hour live, interactive video calls to discuss the topic of the week

→ Workbook to follow along and complete self-directed exercises

→ Direct message and email support between calls 

→ Private Facebook group exclusively for Living Your Purpose members for additional support and motivation

Part One:


√ Uncovering limiting beliefs

√ Creating new habits

√ Understanding energy and manifestation

√ Creating your own mindset “toolbox”

Part Two:

Uncovering Your Higher Calling

√ 5-part blueprint for uncovering your higher calling

√ Writing your personal mission statement

√ Creating goals that align with your purpose

Part Three:

Living Your Purpose

√ Implementing change and new habits

√ Finding avenues of service

√ Living in alignment with your life purpose

√ Creating a life-long learning plan

Registration closes Saturday, September 19, 2020 @ 11:59 pm MST.

The transformation to Living Your Purpose begins Monday, September 21, 2020.

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