So often, it is easy for you to get caught up in a negative mindset. Maybe something sets it in motion, like an upsetting interaction with someone. Maybe you wake up in a bad mood. Maybe the stress of the day just piles up and moves you into lower energy.

Because this happens to us all, I wanted to share with you 9 easy tips to immediately shift your energy, from a negative mindset into one of happiness and positivity.

One of my amazing viewers at the time of recording also offered a tenth bonus tip which I have included.

All of these ideas are easy, simple to do throughout your day and can make a big difference in your outlook on life.

Remember that what you focus on expands, so keep that mindset in a higher vibration!

#1: Change Your Posture


The first idea that will immediately help you shift your energy is to change your posture.

When you are in a negative mindset or feeling angry, anxious, or frustrated, you will often find yourself hunched over. Your body language will be protective. Maybe your arms are crossed in front of you. Your head is down. Your shoulders are hunched forward.

These are all natural body language expressions when you are feeling negative or down.

In order to combat your physiology, you can change your posture.

Stand up tall. Pull your shoulder back and down, away from your ears. Hold your head up tall.

When you change your posture, you will feel an immediate shift in your energy and mindset.


Idea 1: Change Your Posture

#2: Smile


When you smile, you immediately shift the energy in your body and mind.

There is some scientific evidence that suggests when you smile, the muscles you use to smile trigger a signal to the brain. This then stimulates the brain’s reward center, increasing the level of happy hormones, otherwise known as endorphins, as well as dopamine and serotonin.

Smiling is a simple act, that can immediately not uplift your spirits, but the mindset of those around you.


#3: Move Your Body


The third idea for shifting your energy is to move your body.

Whether that means shaking your booty, jumping up and down, taking a walk, or chasing the family dog, moving your body will immediately shift your energy for the better.

Physical movement increases your endorphins – those feel-good chemicals in your body. So shake off that negativity and get moving!


Idea 3: Move Your Body

#4: Wear a Reminder


Wearing or carrying a reminder with you can be a powerful tool.

For example, wearing a gemstone bracelet or mala necklace can be a constant reminder throughout your day to keep your thoughts in check.

Wearing a reminder can help you to remember to check-in on your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Make sure that it is something meaningful to you.

Whether it is a bracelet, necklace, prayer beads, or mala necklace – it doesn’t matter. As long it is a beautiful reminder to you.

Even carrying a few crystals in your pocket can be helpful. Every time you slip your hand into your pocket, your fingers will touch the crystals and remind you to shift your energy if you’re feeling down.

What would be your favorite reminder to wear?


Idea 4: Wear a Reminder

#5: Set an Alarm on Your Phone


As everyone now seems to have a smartphone, use technology to your advantage, and set alarms throughout the day on your phone.

 Sometimes, you can become so busy throughout your day that you forget to check in with your thoughts and feelings.

Setting an alarm on your phone is a great way to remind yourself.

Label the alarm something uplifting and positive, such as “Check-in with my feelings” or “Am I feeling great right now?”.

If you don’t carry a phone with you, then set a reminder on your desktop or tablet. Even smartwatches like Fitbit Versa and iWatch allow you to set recurring reminders and alarms.

Use technology to your advantage!


Idea 5: Set an Alarm on Your Phone

#6: Sit in Silence


Sometimes, you need to move your body to shift the energy.

And sometimes, you need to sit in silence.

So often you busy yourself throughout the day so that you won’t “feel the feelings”.

And it is only when you sit in silence that you can truly feel the emotions within your heart and body.

So, whether you sit in Lotus position and meditate or just sit quietly with your back against a tree, allow yourself to feel and then release any negative energy.

Idea 6: Sit in Silence

#7: Create and Listen to a Music Playlist


A great way to immediately lift your spirits and shake off any negative thoughts is to listen to some great music.

Whether you enjoy rap or opera, country or pop – if it makes you want to shake your booty or bust out in song, then you’ve picked the right song.

Music is a powerful medium and can change our attitude and outlook.

There are many great playlists on Spotify, Google Music, or YouTube to choose from. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, create your own playlist to have the maximum impact of great music.

Idea 7: Create a Music Playlist

#8: Create a Gratitude List


Often when you are in a negative mindset, it is easy to take what you currently have for granted. 

There is no better way to shift your perspective than to create a gratitude list.

When you find yourself needing to shift your energy, stop and list at least three things you are grateful right now, at the moment.

Are you grateful to have employment, even if it is not your dream job? Do you have a roof over your head, clean and nutritious food to eat? 

Then you are better off than most of the world’s population.

Photo Source: Unknown who the original creator is.

Idea 8: Gratitude

#9: Use an Aroma or Essential Oil


Did you know that up to 75% of emotions are triggered by smell?

Your sense of smell is an ancient and powerful one. As one of your first senses to develop in the womb, and one of the first senses to develop in evolution, using aroma to help you shift your energy can be a great idea.

As aroma helps to trigger memory recall, using a pleasant or uplifting smell to bring you back to a positive mindset can be very helpful. Choose an aroma or essential oil that brings you happiness, joy, relaxation, or groundedness. 

Then whenever you feel a time of negativity, smell the aroma to bring you back to a happier state.

My personal favourite that I use is dōTERRA Peace® Touch  Reassuring Blend. Whenever I catch myself feeling anxious, frustrated, or upset, I immediately roll some onto my wrists and take a deep breath. The shift in my energy is within seconds.

Idea 9: Aroma

BONUS #10: Have a Good Cry


Now, while this strategy may not be practical throughout the day, it is still a powerful idea to keep in mind.

Crying release pent up emotions and feelings. It is a natural way to decompress and let go of those ideas, thoughts, and feelings that hurt you or bring you down.

Crying is a self-soothing strategy, as you can see when a baby cries. Shedding tears is a way for our bodies to soothe against discomfort and hurt, either physically or emotionally.

In addition to being self-soothing, crying also signals to your brain to release endorphins and oxytocin, both of which are feel-good chemicals.

So while having a good cry may be frowned upon within certain situations, a business meeting for example, shedding those tears is a great way to shift your energy and release any unwanted emotions.


Bonus Idea 10: Have a Good Cry

What’s Your Favourite?


I would love to hear what your favourite and most impactful way is to shift your energy.

Leave me a comment below to share your ideas.


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