For the first time ever, Uncover Your Life Purpose: Journey to Joy Online Course will be opening its doors.

And I want you to one of the exclusive beta students.

My Story

I know what it’s like to go through every day with the feeling that something is missing. Like you are just going through the motions. Like a hamster on a wheel. Life you are meant for something more…. but what?

I’ve been there too. I’ve had sleepless nights from thinking and contemplating and wondering. I’ve felt lost, a bit confused and a lot of frustration. I’ve doubted myself that I have something unique to share with the world.

It was at my lowest point that I dove deep into uncovering my life’s purpose; my unique gift for the world, my own unique personal mission. After determining the five key areas that I needed to look at, I went on my own Journey to Joy.


This Course is For You If:

  • You’ve ever felt like you are going through the motions of life
  • You’ve felt like you are spinning your wheels
  • You’ve ever wondered what your bigger purpose is
  • You’ve wondered what it’s all for, what the point of life is
  • You’ve ever been scared to leave this life with your song still inside
  • You’ve considered what your unique gifts are
  • You’ve thought it’s too late in life to make a change
  • You’ve felt anxious or overwhelmed with trying to figure out your purpose
  • You’ve felt confused about where to start your discovery
  • You’ve craved accountability and community while you uncover your life purpose
  • You’ve wanted a clear, easy to understand process to help you on your path

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